The Ancient Axe Cliff

November 21, 2016

After a visit to VejakåsenBrantevik and Simris Strandäng you reach Horsahallens petroglyphs when you continue north toward Simrishamn.



Park east of the road, the petroglyphs are on the west side of the road - easy parking and big signs make it easy to find.


At first sight, it looks like a "normal" cliff but when you come closer and really look at the surface you can see the carved patterns in the rock.



"The Axe Cliff" is one of the most famous petroglyphs in Skåne. About 3500 years ago 50 axes, 45 ships and animals were carved into this cliff. Bronze axes that look like these images have also been found in nearby Borrby and Kivik!


According to Bronze Age mythology the ship was used for transporting the sun across the sky from east to west. The horse and the snake were important symbols as they helped with loading and off-loading the sun between day ship and night ship.



These petroglyphs were discovered in the 1890s. 




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