Bäckhalladalen Nature Reserve

January 2, 2017

Where do you find this idyllic bbq spot with ocean view? 



In a nature reserve just north of Simrishamn, called Bäckhalladalen!  This wonderful area with forest trails, view points and bbq spots is within walking distance from Simrishamn. You can also find rare species here such as dormouse and tree frog.



The trail with blue markings is 1.2 km and has lights while the red trail is a little longer with 2.2 km. 



Trails are well marked and offer varied terrain surrounded by small lakes, a creek, deciduous and coniferous trees.






If you enter the reserve by Hallavägen in Tobisvik, just south of the parking lot by Vårhallen, you will find a small parking space next to the old Tobisborg quarry which is the eastern side of the reserve. Here you will find steep cliffs and partially water filled quarry sites.







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