Between castle and dump

October 10, 2016

A few kilometers north of Ystad, not far from the Skåneleden hiking trail between Ystad and Snogeholm, you can find Bjersjöholms Nature Reserve.  It is located between the dump site at Hedeskoga and the Renaissance Castle at Bergsjöholm.  Old maps indicate that there has been a forest here for at least 400 years.   It is a broadleaved forest with mostly beech and oak. There were many elm trees here too prior to the spread of the elm disease. You can find 250-year-old beech trees with a diameter exceeding 1 meter!



It is a bit tricky to find your way to the Reserve, partially because the road is closed when the gravel pit is closed, partially because there are hardly any signs. Here is a tip: look for this sign!



Follow the road past the little lake and you will soon find the Nature Reserve sign. 



There is a fence around the reserve, but next to the sign you can enter. There are also steps over the fence a little further down the road.



The natural area here is wild! You walk through tall grass and nettles before you find the enormous trees, some of which have fallen. Bjersjöholm Nature Reserve is ranked number 9 on the Länsstyrelsens list of sites in Skåne with endangered forest species - insects, birds, moss, lichen and mushrooms.






If you prefer an easy walk but still want to enjoy the forest, stay outside the fence and walk on the gravel road!





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