Brantevik Fishing Village

October 24, 2016

When you reach Sandhammaren on the Swedish south coast, the coastline bends northward towards Simrishamn which is on the far eastern corner. 5 kilometers south of Simrishamn is a small old fishing village called Brantevik. The name Brantevik means "the steep beach".


There are several historical finds in the area that show this area has been inhabited for thousands of years. In the 18th century there was a lead mine here. In 1767 Brantevik is mentioned as a fishing village, one of the youngest on the south coast of Skåne. Farmers from surrounding farming villages came here where the sandy soil was cheap. They built homes on both sides of the little creek that runs into the ocean. This resulted in Brantevik ending up with 2 harbors (1836 and 1838), 2 schools and 2 mills! The village grew quickly and around 1900 it was the largest sea port town with 118 registered sailing vessels. Many of these boats were sold during World War I and in 1920 there were only about 30 vessels left.  Today there are a few fishing boats in the southern harbor.




The old ruins of the mill remind us of times passed ...




... and so do the old maritime items in the southern harbor.






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