Canola fields in Skåne

May 31, 2018

During the month of May, many of the fields in southern Skåne are bright yellow. It is amazing to drive or bike on the small country roads to experience the prime moment of canola! How many kilograms of canola seeds do you think are needed to press 1 liter of canola oil?



Canola is sown in august and grows into small green plants before the winter arrives. When the spring sun starts to warm the air and soil, the plants start to grow again and in May the bright yellow blossoms appear.





During June and July the flowers are replaced by pods filled with small seeds. In July/August the seeds are harvested, sorted and dried.



The seeds are stored until they are used for pressing canola oil. Cold pressing is done at temperatures under 35 degrees Celsius. The byproduct from pressing is used as animal feed.



Did you guess right? You need 3 kg of canola seeds to press 1 liter of canola oil. 








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