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Culinary Visit to Southern Skåne

October 17, 2017


This summer Vide Geiger composed the song  "Matglädje" (translates to the joy of food) for Sydkusten.se while we were photographing crops growing in the fields and at Little Gardens as well as delicious plates of food at Hotel Mossbylund and Sydkustens at Pillehill.  The goal is to create a video combining the photos with the music to inspire to a culinary visit to Sydkusten, southern Skåne.



We gave Vide the concept "matglädje" (joy of food) since we believe that southern Sweden, Sydkusten, is symbolized by not only growing food but also the enjoyment of good food in beautiful surroundings. He interpreted the feelings associated with the words "food" and "joy" and translated into music.



More information about Vide: Do you have a favorite spot on the Swedish south coast? - "Yes, Ales Stenar. The nature and the view here are amazing. Also, it is a special place where you feel the significance of rituals and ceremonies, a link to the past."



What do you dream about doing in 5 years? - "I have many dreams! I would love to play in other bands, I want to develop my studio, and I want to focus on music work shops. Creating music connections is what I want to do - places where people can meet, jam, create music together - a conversation with music, without words."



You can listen to Vide's music on his website and on Spotify, and of course you can follow him on Facebook.  You will have to wait for the song "Matglädje" until our video is released later this year.



In September we wrote a post about the partnership with Vide Geiger where Sydkusten.se is creating a video with his song "Let it Flow".  We thank Vide for an enjoyable partnership and Skurups Sparbank for a generous contribution to these projects!



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