Glimmingehus - Medieval Fortress

July 5, 2018

This summer has been very sunny and warm here on the southern coast of Skåne!  Are you looking for an alternative to the beach to cool off? A visit to Glimmingehus, a medieval fortress between Ystad and Simrishamn, is a cool and historic experience!



Glimmingehus is a well preserved medieval fortress, about 500 years old, complete with a moat.



The tickets (kids enter for free) include a guided tour lasting for about an hour. You will learn about the history of the fortress as well as the first owner of it, Jens Holgersen Ulfstand.




The walls are built with huge stone blocks and are up to 2 m thick, which creates a cool climate in the building. The floors vary from dirt floor in the basement to beautifully worn lime stone and wide wooden floorboards.







In some places there is no stucco so you can see how the arches were built using bricks.





You can also enjoy the panoramic view of the surrounding agricultural landsacpe, framed by the small windows and deep window sills!




For more information, go to the website of Glimmingehus.








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