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Little Gardens Weaving Willow at Hylteberga

April 17, 2016

Last week Little Gardens started to weave a 50 m living willow fence at Hylteberga Gård.



Little Gardens grow their own willow on their farm and use it for fences as well as weaving willow trees.





Hylteberga Gård planted woven willow trees a few years ago and they are thriving! They have just been copped but during the summer they will get a nice green crown again. 





The woven branches have already started to merge! 




It is quite a lot of work to make a 50 m willow fence...The grown has to be prepped - dig, weed, rake, water. The willow needs to be harvested and sorted by size and thickness. Openings in the fence need to be marked. Then the planting/weaving can start, and the watering continue. 





We look forward to coming back here in the summer to see the fence green! 







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