Mill stones at Gislövshammar

July 3, 2017

Just south of Simrishamn, between Brantevik and Skillinge, there is a small fishing village called Gislövshammar. Here you can walk along the beach and over the meadows. 


If the water level is low you can walk out on the cliffs on the north side of the village. You can see approximately 40 large holes in the rock, circles with 1,55-1,75 meters diameter. They are the remains of an old mill stone quarry from the 19th century.  The huge mill stones were dragged on wooden posts from the beach up to the road from where they were transported all over Skåne by horse carriage.


Even if the water level is not low enough for you to see the circles, it is still worth a visit. Gislövshammar is a very scenic area to enjoy the sound of the waves.










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