Coffee at Mossby Kaffestuga

August 8, 2016

If you are looking for a café on the Swedish south coast we can recommend Mossby Kaffestuga!  



You find it just west of Hotel Mossbylund and east of Abbekås Golf Club.  There is something for everyone here - an all you can eat buffet with sweet rolls and cookies, savory options for those who prefer a sandwich with only one cookie for dessert, and of course ice cream for the kids. Mossby Kaffestuga is on the main coastal road between Trelleborg and Ystad. You can reach it by public transportation too - there is a bus stop right outside, route 190 between Ystad and Trelleborg!



If you drive east from Abbekås look for the ice cream man...



...if you drive west from Ystad or Mossbystrand beach parking you first see the sign "Mossby 2" where you should slow down but not turn...



...when you see this sign you turn...



...and walk into the garden.



There is seating inside and outside.



On the south side you can sit in the shade of the old walnut tree. Many families with children prefer the north side where there are play structures and grass areas to run around on.




North of the garden you see Abbekås Golf Course.



West of the garden you see the Skivarp Creek where you can go for a walk.



South of the coastal road you have the beach and the Baltic Ocean...



But don't forget the reason for coming here in the first place - get some coffee and something to eat!



For those who prefer savory options there are lots of sandwiches to choose from.



Most visitors come here for the cookie buffet!



Two types of sweet rolls - Mossbyrolls as well as either cinnamon or cardamon rolls.


A soft cake...


...and 5 types of cookies. If you don't want the entire buffet you can buy coffee and just one cookie.


There is also a shelf with gift items.


Take a look at the website for opening hours!




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