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New Life in Old Furniture

December 19, 2016

In the middle of the southern coast of Sweden, between Abbekås and Skivarp, there is a sign for a company called Möbelvård, on the Lilla Hörtevall farm.



The gravel road is twisty, sometimes lined with windswept willow trees. On both sides of the road are fields - the canola plants have green leaves now in the winter and where the sugar beets were recently harvested the soil is dark brown resting for a few months until it is time for the next crop.



Catrine and Håkan Mild live on the Lilla Hörtevall farm.  When their kids moved out 7 years ago they left Stockholm and moved to the farm in Skåne.  



In the old barn there are no longer horses. Instead, there is Möbelvård.  Catrine has her sewing machines here, and lots of funny needles, and Håkan has his woodworking machines.





Catrine is an upholsterer. She attended "Möbelhantverksgården" in Stockholm and was an apprentice in Ystad to learn and master upholstery.  In the old barn she gives old furniture new life. If they need more than new fabric, for example a new leg, then Håkan can fix that. He is a furniture maker and teaches woodworking in school. 



Catrine quickly removes the old fabric from a stool with experienced hands...



...staples new tulip patterned fabric onto a set of chairs ...





...and polishes the edges of two classic "Lamino" arm chairs that are getting new sheepskin.




A collection of different types of fabric is hanging on the wall, reminding her of various upholstery projects she has completed.  Most of her customers want her to reupholster chairs, stools and arm chairs. She has also done some couches - her favorite is a canapé from the 18th century.  That one and many others are shown in the portfolio on her website. Occasionally she does curtains too.



Do you have a piece of furniture that needs new life? Ask Catrine at Möbelvård




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