Potatoes from Skåne

April 10, 2018

The first seed potatoes are now in the ground in the southern part of Sweden, Sydkusten. In a few months we can enjoy the delicious new potatoes! 



90% of the potatoes consumed in Sweden are also grown here, and a large portion here in Skåne. 16% of the food potatoes are consumed freshly harvested, the rest is stored. Potatoes for starch production are also grown here in Skåne. 860 000 metric tons food- and starch potatoes were harvested in Sweden in 2017.


New/fresh potatoes are harvested while the leaves are still green while winter potatoes are harvested after the leaves have wilted and the peels have thickened. Did you know that the potato peel is rich in fiber, calcium, iron, zink, phosphor and vitamin B? 


Potatoes belong to the same plant family as chili pepper, bell pepper, eggplant and tobacco. The entire potato plant is actually toxic, except the actual potatoes. If the potato has turned green, don't eat it - you can plant it instead! 








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