Sandhammaren and Skåneleden

May 9, 2016

Last week we wrote about the white sandy beaches in Hagestad nature reserve and the 10 km long walk through Hagestad and Sandhammaren nature reserves.  You can also park the car in Sandhammaren and do the walk from here towards Hagestad - maybe a little harder to find parking but the benefit is that there is a kiosk and restrooms open during summer. You can also skip the walk and just enjoy what Sandhammaren has to offer - wonderful sand dunes and sandy beaches. There is an old light house from the 1860s and the oldest rescue boat in Scandinavia, with interesting history about ship wrecks in the Bornholm channel. The forest is just north of the light house if you want to go for a short walk in the woods. You may actually see a moose or two in this forest! 


























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