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Sydkusten - Sannex Partnership

October 9, 2017

Have you heard the song "Längtan till Skåne" by Sannex? Listen to it on Spotify! 


A few weeks ago we wrote about a project sponsored by Skurups Sparbank where Sydkusten.se is composing films with pictures from the south coast of Skåne and music from local musicians. One of the films will be composed around the song "Längtan till Skåne" and will be available here on our website later this year.


Sannex was founded in 1977 and is now led by Andreas Olsson.  The band has won 5 "Guldklavar" and 1 Swedish Grammis award in 4 years.  Andreas is a returning "Skåning" - his father from the Skurup area and his mother from Kävlinge. He got musical talent from both sides - "Mom played mostly as a hobby, but my dad played in dance bands in the 70s and 90s. Music has been natural for me."



Members of the Sannex band are:

  • Andreas Olsson - Song & guitar

  • Patrich Rundström - Piano & song

  • Andreas Andersson - Base & song

  • Micke Norsten - Drums & song 




"Längtan till Skåne" was created when Andreas lived in Uppsala. He has always liked Hasse Andersson's music and wanted to compose something similar while at the same time describing Skåne - "You don't understand and appreciate how nice it is down here until you have been away from it for a while."





About 2 years ago Andreas moved back to the south coast of Sweden, Sydkusten. What are your favorite spots on Sydkusten? - "There are a few...Beddingestrand is really nice, but there is something about the smell of seaweed when you pass the Hörte harbor..."





What inspires you when you compose music? - "Most things, but I think my trade mark is rather sad and thoughtful songs about a misinterpreted musician on country roads."




Andreas, what are you dreaming about doing 5 years from now? -"To bring more of Nashville to Sannex and Sweden and combine the dance band job with country music performance." 




Sannex travels around in Sweden - this year they will have 140 shows. The pictures above were taken when they played in Folkets Hus & Park in Skurup 2016. On November 3, 2017 they are back again in Folkets Park i Skurup if you want to experience them live and swing around on the dance floor!


For more information, go to the Sannex website and like them on facebook.






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