Vehicles at the Johanna Museum

July 25, 2016

Between Malmö and Österlen, just north of Skurup you find the Johanna Museum. It was founded by Manfred Almkvist, a collector of old things who also had the ability and energy to repair and restore. In 1952 he bought a Ford from 1914 and named it "Johanna" - explaining the name of the museum.



Manfred drove around in Johanna picking up old items for his collections.



At the Johanna Museum you can also find an electric car from 1919, renovated to original condition! It is the oldest working electric car that was mass produced (in Berlin).



The Johanna Museum has other types of vehicles as well - for example a collection of bikes. The oldest date back to the 1850s.  Bikes where you pedal up and down instead of around. Bikes without a chain....



... and a very special bike, "Stålfarfar's" bike (visit the museum to learn who he was!).



The longer you browse the exhibits the more vehicles you find! 



Every other Thursday during the summer between 6 and 9 pm Route 101 has car meets at the Johanna Museum.



Welcome to look at old vehicles and experience history at the Johanna Museum!



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