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Back to his "Skåne" roots

September 22, 2017

Can you guess which musician from Skåne is standing with his guitar on the beach?



It is Vide Geiger - a well rounded musician who plays the guitar, the drums and the base, sings, composes music and gives music lessons. 



Vide has returned to Skåne, the southern most part of Sweden, the place where he was raised. His days were filled with music when he grew up at the housing co-op Moder Jord in Tollarp in Skåne. At the age of 14 he moved to his father in Wilton, New Hampshire, USA and got his first guitar.  Vide returned to Sweden when he was 16 and ended up at the housing co-op Skogsnäs where he joined the band Wunja.  Vide started to compose folk music mixed with rock, blues, funk and jazz. When he attended the music high school in Härnösand he focused on the guitar.  He then moved to Toronto, Canada where he started to perform for an audience and recorded "Stones" and "Brown Grass".  Work took him to Paris for a year and after that he returned to his Swedish roots.  He now lives with his family in St Olof on Österlen where he also has his studio.  Vide wanted to return to his roots and wanted to live in southern Sweden surrounded by a beautiful landscape, creative people and his extended family.



How does Vide describe his music? Soft rock with pop and blues. He is influenced by John Mayer and mixes in a feeling of Pink Floyd, playfulness from Dave Matthews Band and a drop of world music from Peter Gabriel.



You can listen to his music on his website and on Spotify, and of course follow him on Facebook.  Sometimes you can hear him live at Backafestivalen or  Sjöbris in Simrishamn. You can also book him (and his band) for private events, weddings, funerals etc. 



When Vide composes music he mixes internal material - thoughts, feelings, philosophy - that want to get expressed with external events in the world. The goal is to create a positive message, that we should dare to be our true selves.


The song "Let it Flow" is about us being part of nature. In nature there is a natural flow, but we often want to reshape or disengage from this flow instead of being ourselves. If we instead follow the flow we will end up where we are meant to go, not where we planned to go. 



At Sydkusten.se we are working with this song during the fall. We are combining it with photos from the south coast of Sweden, Sydkusten, and composing a beautiful video which will be shown here on our website later this year. We thank Skurups Sparbank for a generous contribution to this project! 









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