The View from Hammarsbackar

April 4, 2016

Hammar is a little village on the road towards Kåseberga, just east of Ystad. Here you can enjoy long walks over rolling hills overlooking the ocean and down to the beach.



On clear days you can see Ystad, Abbekås and even Smygehuk in the west.



Facing north you see the open landscape with farms and fields.



If you are lucky, you can spot Ales Stenar to the east. 



The hills are covered by grass and are often used for grazing. In the spring you will see many wild flowers here. The hills were formed during the Ice Age.


There are good trails, with gradual incline to the top 30-40 m above the parking lot.



If you walk directly southward you get a steeper climb up the hill...



...and down the hill...



... to the beach. 






Dogs are allowed to run free in the winter  - leash is required March 1 - August 20 - and there is plenty of space for kids to roam. 




Beware that this area sometimes is used by the military. When that is the case you will see a red flag and you should stay away for your own safety. 





You can park the car in the lot east of this red barn, just west of the village Hammar. 



Here is a suggested 5 km walk










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