White Sandy Beaches in Skåne

May 2, 2016

Where on the southern coast of Sweden can you find white sandy beaches? 



In the Sandhammaren and Hagestad Nature Reserves, between Ystad and Simrishamn! 



If you want to just visit the beach, go straight ahead! There is no kiosk or café here so make sure you bring your own picnic. Parking is easy. If you look westward toward Ystad you will see Kåseberga and Ales Stenar.


If you want to go for a walk you can follow the orange markings for Skåneleden Sl4, part 3 which runs through the nature reserves.

Källa: http://www.skaneleden.se/leden/sl-4-osterlenleden/3-loderups-strandbad-borrby-strandbad/


We recommend a 10 km walk starting where the Tyge creek runs into the ocean in Hagestad nature reserve. There is an interesting mix here of heather meadows, sand dunes, pine forests, old oak trees and of course the Baltic Ocean. . 



Easiest if you first find the small bridge when you walk eastward...



Continue over the heather meadows and sand dunes, past old trees shaped by the wind. 



Walk on the white sandy beaches towards Simrishamn.


Maybe you want to cool off in the ocean?



When you see the lighthouse in Sandhammaren, up in the pine forest, you turn north across the sand dunes. 


There is a small house here that provides shelter from the wind, shade and a nice view. 



The oldest life boat in Scandinavia is also found here in Sandhammaren. More about Sandhammaren next week!

Then follow the orange markings on the trees going north...



... and continue westward through the forest and along the pastures. The forest was planted to stop the sand from migrating with the winds. However, in some places the trees have now been cut down, a project called SandLife.  The goal is to provide more sand dunes to increase biodiversity, especially among insects that prefer the sun and sand to the darker forest. 



When you see the Tyge creek again you know that you are close to the parking lot again.  





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